About Me

The Happiest DayI was born and raised (until my High School Graduation) in Minnesota.   I lived in Germany, Milwaukee, and Huntsville before landing in Nashville in May of 2003.  I was here for 11 years then I took  a 2 year hiatus when I moved to Dallas to be near my parents and brother.  I returned to Nashville in September 2013; coming back to a city that has very much felt like “home” to me and  to marry my beloved.

I have curly brown hair, blue eyes and am often smiling.  I work as a professional Nanny & Household manger and I am the wife of a Mortician. People often ask me if it is odd being married to a mortician.  I obviously don’t think so, since I married him!  Though, I will say that when I dreamed as a teenager of marrying a man who wore suits to work, I didn’t imagine I’d be marrying a mortician.  I like to think of it as I help parents at the beginning of a life and he helps families at the end of one.   I love to cook, bake, read books, craft and photograph just about anything.  My Husband wouldn’t recommended letting me bring my camera with if you’re in a hurry.  We are parents to a set of angel twins that we can’t wait to meet in Heaven when the time comes.

I’m well aware that our lives are made up of perfect imperfections and I’m working every day to accept where I am while I work to get to who God intends for me to be. My life, as I’m coming to see it, is a beautiful mess.  Being the perfectionist I am, that can be hard to handle at times.  Getting to a place of peace with the imperfections is what this season of my life is dedicated to.   The letting go isn’t easy, but the peace it will bring will be so worth it.

I’m currently eating: Paleo and Completed my first Whole 30 on 10/10/2014

I’m currently reading: Freeway by Foster & Poole as well as The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst

I’m currently listening to: Contemporary Christian Music

I’m currently working on: Emotional Health, Spiritual Growth, and Being available for God.


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